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$90k per month to $40k with CBTS network reliability

CBTS implemented advanced equipment and technology using cutting-edge Auto VPN technology, which has lowered costs and delivered a better experience. Now the customer is generating revenue through its Wi-Fi network by selling advertising positions on it's customer authentication page!

CBTS provided a 66% reduction in location expansion time

Once this Concrete Contracting Company switched to Cloud Networking from CBTS they immediately noticed the benefits stating "once we changed over to the new platform, speeds more than doubled!" - Now the customer's 17 locations, gateways and WAPs are now managed from one location in the cloud.

DoyleResearch - Scaling Large Enterprise SD-WAN Deployments

SD-WAN deployments are becoming main stream as dozens of Fortune 1000 sized organizations have moved through proof of concepts, initial pilots, and on to rollouts of SD-WAN to their branch locations. Gartner determined that 30% to 50% of Fortune 1000 Enterprise workloads are shifting to the cloud.

Estimated $12 billion spent on infrastructure - ZK Research

IT and business leaders today are focused on creating a more agile business! Evolving the WAN must be at the top of every IT and business leader's priority list because organizations can only be as agile as their least agile IT component - which, today, is the WAN.

Video/Webcast | Presented by IBM

How To Have The BI Cake And Eat It Too: Best Practices For Deploying Agile But Governed BI Applications

Most modern enterprises are data-driven - they make many key business decisions based on the numbers and facts. But being data-driven does not necessarily mean insights-driven. How successfully are you transforming your data into meaningful and actionable insights that produce tangible business outcomes?

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Operational Intelligence Across Your Entire AWS and IT Environment

When it comes to the cloud, you can't secure, operate or manage costs for what you cannot see. Splunk solutions make it easy to gain end-to-end visibility across your AWS and hybrid environment. Deploy as software or as a cloud service to gain real-time Operational Intelligence across your applications and services. Leverage the free Splunk App for AWS to gain critical security, operational and cost optimization insights into your AWS deployment.

White Paper | Presented by Splunk

Security Investigation, Detection & Rapid Response with Splunk Enterprise

It's what keeps you up at night. You're successfully delivering high quality IT services and protecting critical assets at your company. You may have been hunting for an unknown threat and the phone rings. You receive an alert that some incident or breach may have occurred that is impacting your organization and your customers may be affected or their data may have been compromised. So what do you do?

eGuide | Presented by SelectHub

Top BI Analytics Tools - Definitive Pricing Guide 2017

Get an in-depth comparison of the costs and implementation models for the top BI tools for 2017. This practical guide reveals actual costs, product limitations and key competitors for the most popular business analytics solutions.

Understanding SD-WAN best practices

Confused about SD-WAN? This eBook was created with CIOs in mind. Download the concise guide, Software-Defined WAN For Dummies, and learn everything you need to know about SD-WAN! This free eBook is brought to you by CBTS and it's partner VeloCloud.

Brilliant Decisions Start with HR Insights

People are the most important part of your organization. Understanding what they do, how they do it, and even why they do it, provides invaluable insights for optimizing your processes, department, or entire organization.

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