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White Paper | Presented by Barkly

2017 Cybersecurity Checklist

Are you focusing on the right things to protect your company against the latest threats? Find out with this free checklist designed to help you prioritize your security efforts and be more proactive. It's full of actionable tactics you can put into practice today.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Barkly

From Floppy Disk to Fileless: How Ransomware is Evolving into the Perfect Crime

Over the past 20 years Ransomware has evolved into the perfect crime. Watch this webinar to learn the history of Ransomware and how Barkly endpoint protection can help stop attacks that can't be detected by file scans and how they can detect new sophisticated attacks by recognizing behavior at a runtime.

How to Deliver on Big Data's Promise

As data volumes exponentially increase, so do the challenges of storing, securing, and analyzing it. To understand how companies are dealing with this environment, IDG Research studied the big data landscape and found that many organizations are turning to a hyperconverged infrastructure. This paper delves into why HCI is set to grow more rapidly than any other infrastructure in the next two years.

How to Overcome the Top Five Big Data Challenges - It's All About the Cloud

However, given big data's power to transform business, it's critical that organizations overcome these challenges and realize the value of big data. The cloud can help organizations to do so. Drawing from IDG's 2015 Big Data and Analytics Survey, this white paper analyzes the top five challenges companies face when undergoing a big data initiative and explains how they can effectively overcome them in the cloud.

White Paper | Presented by Barkly

IT Pro's 5-Minute Guide to Endpoint Protection

Malware is evolving fast. Get the facts you need to stay ahead and keep your company secure with this quick guide. You'll learn why endpoints are attackers' favorite targets, why traditional security solutions are leaving them exposed, and what you can do to close that critical gap.

Retail Network Security Trends and Threats Report

In this webcast Michael Osterman will share the results of a large survey focused on large retail organizations undertaken by Osterman Research on behalf of Forcepoint.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Cylance

Russia - Cyber Crime and Prevention

Historically, U.S. leadership has kept Russia at arms length. With the new administration come new attitudes toward working with Russia. Since Russia opened up for trade, it has much to offer U.S. companies looking to expand into new markets and tap natural resources. But, is it worth the trouble?

White Paper | Presented by Rainforest QA

The CTO's Ultimate Guide to Continuous Testing

Get your team shipping higher quality code, faster. Continuous testing helps bridge the gap between developing quickly and maintaining high quality products. But to implement continuous testing, CTOs must take a strategic approach to building a testing infrastructure and toolset that empowers their team to move fast. Download our guide to laying the groundwork for a scalable continuous testing strategy.

eBook | Presented by Barkly

The Ransomware Survival Handbook

With ransomware, the big thing you're up against is time. Infections can spread in a matter of minutes or seconds. Recovery can take days or weeks. Get clear step-by-step instructions for dealing with a variety of ransomware scenarios, and learn how to avoid getting infected in the first place.

White Paper | Presented by Sigfox

Turn Data Into Action to Streamline Business Operations and More

The IoT holds great potential for enterprises needing to solve operational efficiencies, monitor assets, address regulatory compliance, and even create new revenue streams. Finding IoT partners that offer cost-effective, energy-efficient, and scalable solutions takes navigation.

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